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Postcard invites are great for events, grand openings, private sales, etc. 

When life's celebrations 

deserve a personal touch.


  • Birthdays

  • Weddings  

  • Graduations

  • Baby Showers

  • All Occasions


What's your theme?


Enhance your invites

with bows or other


Save The Date

Photo cards leave a lasting impression.



This couple's last name was

worked right into the design.  




For graduations, weddings, banquets, or homegoing services for your loved one. 

A collaborative design with Abby Straus of NEDA which was part of the marketing material for the 2015 NEDA Annual Conference

Special thanks to Michael Houston, Kathleen Reid and the family of Jeffrey Houston for having faith in me to design this program and for allowing me to share the memory of your loved one, my friend - Mr. Jeffrey Houston, Sr.  

Magazine Layout

Magazine Covers
Table of Contents
Magazine Spread
Full page - color

Leopard sponge design by artist CHRISTIAN SIRIANO

Full page - black and white


Make-A-Wish CNY 2015 Summer Newsletter (16 pages)


Drag bottom corner of newsletter or just click

on it to turn the page

Photo Restoration

We may live in a digital world but some of our fondest memories and dearest ancestors were captured in a photograph that may have gotten a little weathered over the years.  

Preserve your family history through photo restoration.

Canvas Prints

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